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FYX Understands ERP
FYX has been providing services to companies that use ERP software for over 20 years. We have performed services for well over 200 manufacturing companies across North America, specifically with the objective to implement, upgrade and/or improve their ERP software or third party software that integrates with their ERP.

FYX has an outstanding record of implementing or upgrading ERP software. Because FYX continued to support our ERP clients for almost two decades, not only have we have developed successful methodologies for implementing or upgrading ERP software, we have developed skills that allow us to assist our clients in making their ERP more much more effective, efficient and supportable. In short, our clients get much more bang for their ERP services buck, and we are proud of the successes our clients (and FYX) have enjoyed.

FYX Understands the Business Of Manufacturing
FYX has been providing services to Manufacturing companies since day one. The founder of FYX had 15 years experience working in IT for Manufacturing companies. The company's inception was primarily based on the fact that we could speak the language of ERP and of Manufacturing.

We have performed services for well over 125 companies across North America, specifically with the objective to implement and/or improve their ERP software.

We have always been an excellent provider of ERP software related implementation services, but over time, we have continued to support, sustain, and work with our clients to improve their ERP software and just as importantly, improve how our clients USE the software.
FYX Provides Outstanding Consultants - At Affordable Rates
The adage “you get what you pay for” has never been more wrong. At FYX “you pay less for what you need” not because our consultants are paid less, but because FYX has a very small executive management level. We have no Vice Presidents. We have a small sales staff and an abundance of consultants. Our smaller corporate footprint allows FYX to make acceptable margins on lesser rates. Many of our clients have to try us to believe it. But once they do, they are clients we work with time and time again. The adage “less can be more” has never been truer.

FYX Still Works With ERP Software Every Day All Across North America
FYX still actively works with manufacturing companies every day, we continue to grow our ERP and Manufacturing knowledgebase. We believe we continue to improve our capabilities through hands-on experience everyday. How much do you learn from reading versus actually doing? We learn the most by listening to our clients, and then performing the tasks that fulfill their needs. Everybody talks the talk. We walk it.

We have established an extensive network of ERP consultants that have experience working with just about every ERP software used today in North America. While many of our consultants are full-time FYX employees, we also have an abundance of sub-contracting relationships with literally hundreds of experience consultants. This network has been built over the last 20 years , and is the backbone of our ability to provide the right consultant for any ERP requirement.

We consider our skilled and experienced consultants to be our greatest asset. And because we continue to work with clients to implement or improve their ERP environments, our consultants continue to gain experience and expertise.