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Our Approach

At FYX, Inc. we are firm believers in building lasting relationships with our clients.

We have been providing System21 support & consulting for nearly 30 years, including Help Desk, Version Upgrades, Development, Training, and Advice & Counsel. 

Reach out to us and learn how we have sustained decades-long clients and remain unrivaled in the System21 market. We are confident our value-conscious, client-centric approach will leave a lasting impression on your company.

 US System21 Client Sites

FYX, Inc. has remained committed to hiring professional consultants who have a keen understanding of both software and business practices. Lacing these skills together – along with fostering sincere business relationships – we ensure you are getting the most from your ERP investment.


Our corporation has worked with 150+ companies using System21 across the globe, and we are eager to build a partnership with you.

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